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VivaCut is a professional creative video editing software. Designed to meet the needs of global young users of social media for personalized creation. Helps users shape unique video styles and leads the trend of social media. Super useful in producing creative dynamic effects, instead of just applying templates. The characteristics of VivaCut include intuitive and easy-to-use drag-and-drop editing, and unlimited audio and video tracks, so that you can operate video segmentation, trimming, speed shifting, reverse playback, and scale adjustment in multiple tracks in real-time.


Intuitive keyframe tools are used to adjust the motion, selection, scaling, transparency, and other parameters of each element in animation. The smoothness of the whole animation can also be enhanced through a flexible curve adjustment. Comparable with the post-synthesis effect of blockbusters. You can shoot green screen videos by yourself, and use the simple drag-and-drop keying technology.

Features of VivaCut APP

  • The video editor is distributed free of charge.
  • Ample opportunities for processing and mounting rollers.
  • A function that allows you to delete individual objects, change backgrounds.
  • Large selection of filters, transitions and special effects, adding signatures.
  • Catalog of musical compositions, the ability to insert soundtrack.


The first factor that you do not forget to use is sound-related things in this apk editor video pro. One of the features that make the video more user-friendly is that it has images and sounds that make it easy for users to follow. So you can add impressive songs to your pictures and videos. Indeed, the sound element will make the presented details unique and easy to attract viewers and enhance the color it brings. Also, in some videos, you cannot forget to add some short content to illustrate your product’s content. Vivacut pro apk provides you the ability to add text of different lengths to your video. Simultaneously, this is also a factor that affects the video’s aesthetics, so you will need to place these lines of content in a reasonable way for viewers to see easily. Also, Viva cut still has many other advanced functions waiting for you to experience.

No Ads

While editing a project, you have an attractive idea in your mind which can make your video different but only then a useless ad comes in front of you which spoils your mood and you forget that idea. So how would you feel? I know you will feel angry and your mind will be upset. To get rid of this problem, the developer has probably made it ads free.

Save and Share

If you want to share your videos with friends, then this app is very amazing for this work. The only thing about this app is that after editing the video from this app, you can share the video with your friends on social media.

VivaCut – PRO Video Editor, Video Editing App is on the top of the list of Video Players & Editors category apps on Google Playstore. It has got really good rating points and reviews. Currently, VivaCut – PRO Video Editor, Video Editing App for Windows has got over 50,000,000+ App installations and 4.9 star average user aggregate rating points.

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