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Quick Shortcut Maker Android App Latest Version Free Download [2020]


Create more shortcuts by here. Create more shortcuts more quickly for your all favorites. By that, your time can be saved. All the apps in your device that have installed previously can be applied to this app. Because for all of them the shortcuts can be created. There may be more types of applications installed in your device. By all of them, you could select some certain applications to create the shortcuts. There are many more latest features along with the quick shortcut maker. That the latest version is 2.4.0. Even it is about only a 2 MB sized app. 

Features of the Quick Shortcut Maker 

  • Applicable for the all installed app 

  That shortcuts can be assigned for all apps that have installed previously for your device. However, that app can be used with very smooth performance. 

  • Useful as well as risky 

  The shortcut maker is a very useful app to save your time as well as making the app procedure easy.  But that is much riskier even. There are some more settings types included in the app. Most of them are not accessible. Therefore while operating them the user has to get the responsibility of accessing his own. It can change system settings and the system can be crash.

  • Permissions for Internet access

  The app has improved and many more specifications have added for the app. There are many more improvements that can be seen even. Due to that reason, the app is requesting Internet access. Therefore the user has to allow for the app. If you haven’t let the above permissions for the users the app can’t be worked properly. 

  • More translating features have added 

  There are some more features that have added with the latest version of the app. So along with them, the translations of the diverse languages have added even. Due to that features most of the people are adapted to the usage of the app 

  • Multiple themes support 

  There are many more features that have included in the app. The app is supporting such themes. Therefore if you want to make such a difference in the app change the theme of the app. QuickShortcutMakerQuickShortcutMaker

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More facts about Quick Shortcut Maker Android apk

  • Access multiple items 

  Every user could be able to access more multiple items. It is simple. For that, you have to only long tap on the essential item. Therefore the procedure of the whole app is more simple. 

  • Text format 

  There are more types of texts here. Also there are more types of multiple text formats included here. That can be changed in the desired way for the user. 

  • Supported for multiple devices 

  The quick shortcut maker can be used with many more devices. Because it is compatible with many more devices. Currently, it has started to support tablets. That is very advantageous. Because now each and every user can work with the app by using multiple devices. 

  • Error report function 

  A specific function is introduced in the quick shortcut maker app. That is for sending detailed functions. 

  • Sorting 

  Each and every content can be sorted accordingly that the user wants to. Sort the contents by names or any other kind. 

  • Popularity 

 Due to the all-exclusive features in the app over 5,000,000 individuals have joined over the app. If you haven’t joined the app yet, just try it. Quick Shortcut Maker

What’s new with the latest version of the QuickShortcutMaker? 

  • Added more types of translating languages
  • Introduction of the android iPhone 7 theme
  • The UI has changed 
  • Fixed all the bugs 
  • More improvements can be seen 
  • Added more functions to the app 

   They all stated facts are about the quick shortcut maker app. That is very valuable. Because there are many more advantages that can be obtained by the app. As a reader try it once and discover the truth. If it is better to share your ideas with others. 

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