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Android phones are the best available and affordable smart phones out there. Android is open source and anyone can use that OS to create their own phone. As a result, there are plenty of Android phones with different performance and prices. You can buy really cheap to very expensive smart phone. If you have cheap or mid-range smart phone, you may have experience quick performance loss and battery drain problems.

Don’t worry it is common issue. No need to sell or buy new phone to fix those problems. You can fix those for free just using a tool or application. Android has lots of free apps and games that anyone cannot imagine. Most of them are completely free. As a result, many used to install apps and games without any double consideration. Most of those are unwanted and never used. But those apps stay on your device consuming device resources. Many does not know about that.

People who are complaining about performance has lots of apps and games. Many cheap and mid-range devices are not capable of handling lots of apps. You must first understand its capabilities before installing apps. You may think that if those apps are not used, how it may affect performance.

All apps and games have background tasks or processers to push notifications, updates and etc. even without using opening those apps. When amount of background processers is high there is not enough performance or resources left to run your current application at max speed. By deleting all those unwanted applications helps to free those resources like CPU workload, RAM and Storage.

Bee Booster to Boost Phone Performance

If you are unable to boost device performance manually you can use booster application like Bee Booster, Clean Master, AVG Cleaner and etc. Here we are using Bee Booster. It is because this application is completely free and available for quick download using play store. If your device does not have play store application you can use AC Market or Aptoide. You can use Bee Booster on Android TV boxes too. Use default app store on your TV box or you can use Filelinked, Puffin Browser to sideload apk files.

Bee Booster allows users to quickly boost device performance. Other than installed apps and games, junks are the other main reason to lose performance. You may have experience removing photos, videos, apps, games may not get the free storage space as expected. As soon as you clear some storage it may fill with junks. It is so hard to remove junks like cache files, apk files, residuals from app updates, residuals from system updates, downloaded files. Use bee booster to quickly remove all those junks instantly.

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