Photo editor for Android – B612


Do you also love to upload photos and videos of each and every wonderful moment in your life on your social media platforms? Do you want them always be the best and the perfect ones? If so, here is a fantastic photo and video editing app that makes all your ordinary photos extraordinary creations. Camera B612. Photo editor for Android.

What is Photo editor for Android – B612?

This is not simply an ordinary camera app. B612 is the best and the perfect companion to create your visual history in a stunning way/ This is a wonderful and powerful camera and a photo editing app that let your creativity shine. Retouching your images is a wonderful journey with its multiple and powerful editing tools. Try this cool editing app on your android too to make your creations a piece of art.

Features of Photo editor for Android – B612


1.     Beauty Filters, effects and other beauty tools

B612 app indeed is well-known for its extensive collection of beauty filters, effects and other beauty tools. These tools definitely help you in enhancing all your face features with just a tap. These acts as your secret weapon in having a smooth skin to adding a touch of glamour.

2.     AR Stickers

These AR Stickers surely spice up your photos with a dash of fun. Whether you want to be a cute bunny or a fierce dragon, the app’s vast sticker library has something for everyone. Simply select your favorite, place it on your photo, and watch your image come to life.

3.     Adjustable Filters and Effects

B612 certainly does not limit your creativity. This let you customize your photos with a range of adjustable filters and effects. Allow you to fine-tune the brightness, contrast, and saturation to achieve the perfect look. The app provides the flexibility you need to make your photos uniquely yours.

4.     Collage Maker

Unleash your creativity by combining multiple photos into a stunning collage with the collage maker option available here. This let you to arrange your photos in different layouts. If you want to create a visual story this is the best features to try.

5.     Add music

One of the other cool editing features loaded here is ability to add a music track to your photos. You can easily create a slideshow or a video with your photos by adding your favorite tune. It surely is a perfect way to share your memories with a touch of personal style.

6.     Real-time Beauty Effects

B612 is not only about post-capture editing. You can add real time beauty effects to all your images on the spot before capturing the shot. This feature let us to say goodbye to retakes. You can capture the perfect shot at once thanks to this feature.

Hence, B612 is a wonderful photo editing app you could have in your Android device to capture your lovely moments in a perfect way. so, download this photo editing app now on your Android and enjoy all its wonderful and cherishing features in photo editing as well as capturing.


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