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For your Android phone now you can download thousands of apps from Play store or directly from the internet. There are several types of apps freely available and some of them available for payable methods. Among those several types of apps, Tellagami is an entertaining application. It lets users to create animation characters and bring them alive. It takes you to an amazing virtual life with those animated characters. So now get your designed Gami and then you are free to send customized messages to your friends, family members and any other person that you ar familiar with. 


Here you can easily download Tellagami directly from the internet freely. Here you have to select Tellagami apk, and it takes only a few seconds to complete the download process. 

What is Tellagami?

Tellagami is a mobile app compatible with several mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. Here the app allows you to create quick animated video – Gami and will enable you to share it. A Gami contains a tweet or a status update. It tells stories in a fun way. Here it can use to thank anyone, say to a story, announcements, birthday wishes, party invite, share photos and anything. The creative idea belongs to you. There are thousands of possibilities. Tellagami is easy to use. Here you can easily create Tellagami in simple three steps. Those are, 

First, you have to customize a character, and then you are free to select the background

Then record your voice, and then you can type a message to your created character

Share it with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, text messages or email

Here you can record or own voice and doodle background within your finger. Use device camera to easily add photos and you can create, customize and even share them on your smartphone. Here you can use Gami for present greetings and invites, use for educational purposes and business and marketing.

Features of Tellagami

Let’s see what those exciting features included in Tellagami,  

  • Record your own voice 
  • Type message 
  • Mix and match your character 
  • Add backgrounds
  • Resize character 
  • Place characters on the scene
  • Personalize with a photo background
  • Share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, messages or email
  • Allows to view Gami as a web URL on all devices

Download and install Tellagami on your Android 

Here now you can directly download Tellagami apk from the internet. Then it takes several seconds to install the application. Tellagami is freely available, and it is possible that you can easily download it for your Android smartphone without any messing. Here you have to follow simple steps and let’s see what they are. 

  1. Download Tellagami apk directly from the internet. Here you have to use a reliable website for download apps. Otherwise, you will have to face many troubles. 
  2. Then close all the windows you open. 
  3. Now you have to enable unknown sources. For that, go to device settings and tap on security settings. Then enable unknown sources. For that, put a tick to enable it. If not, your device will not allows yiu to continue the installation. 
  4. Now open downloaded Tellagami apk. Tap on install to begin the installation. 
  5. Now you have to agree with terms and conditions to continue the installation. Tap on agreeing. Now the process continues. 

Finally, you have done it successfully. So enjoy Tellagami by creating your Gami. 

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