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How to Optimize My PC in 2024


There was a time when open-source applications were not close to commercial applications. Times have changed and open-source applications are developing to a level where it is so close to or even better than most commercial software out there. In the year 2024, we are using an open-source application that is completely free to optimize PCs.

Why do we need to optimize PC

You will know when to optimize your PC. Like when the system drives out of storage space, has slow performance, slow internet, longer Windows boot time, etc. Most users think slow performance is due to old hardware components. It is not always the case. Try to boost the performance of your PC using free applications like Optimizer before buying a new computer.

Optimizing has many advantages, especially for laptops. Optimized system has less CPU load, less disk usage, and less network usage. As a result, power consumption will be low. You will have a longer battery life due to reduced stress.

How to optimize Windows using Optimizer App

Reduce network usage

Does your internet speed feel slow when using your PC and feels fast on other devices? This is because your internet bandwidth is shared among many Windows programs. First, you need to disable unwanted programs from accessing your internet data. When the number of programs reduces, you will have the full speed of your internet.

First, check startup apps. Those apps auto-link on every login and keep using your network to send usage information, download updates, news, etc. Disable all unwanted startup apps to reduce background running services. Next disable Windows programs like Windows Telemetry, Outlook, Office Telemetry, Chat apps, My People, Cortana, Copilot, etc. Those are the Windows built-in and preinstalled applications that depend on your network.

Reduce disk usage

You can check current disk usage using the task manager. How to reduce disk usage easily? You can disable the SuperFetch feature, disable search indexing, check for malware, and more. The Optimizer app provides those features. No need to follow guidelines to reduce disk usage. Just use the Optimizer application.

Boost performance

We need to reduce the amount of running programs to reduce the load on the CPU. Reducing the load on the CPU is the fastest way to boost performance.

You can disable Windows services that are no longer important. You can disable the Fax service, Print service, chat app, My People app, SMBv1, and SMBv2 protocols, Disable all Telemetry services, disable sticky keys, and more.

Next, check the installed applications that are set to auto-launch. Open Task Manager and see startup apps see the list of auto-launch apps. Remove unwanted apps from the startup apps section.

Clean System Drive

Make sure to keep the System Drive or OS (C:) drive of your PC at an optimum level. Don’t make it run out of storage. Remove temporary files, unwanted Windows update files, Residual files, Junk files, and more.

How to optimize PC in 2024

First download and install the latest version of the Optimizer app from the official website. Go to https://optimizerpc.com/ or click here to download Optimizer.

Next open that application using administrative privileges. You will see all the features required to boost performance for free. Disable features you want to remove, remove startup apps, and more using the application to optimize Windows as you like.

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