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This is a popular app that can be used to place texts on the images that you wanted. Easily draw anything on the images and addition of the 3D stickers and the 3D texts. Add any features and perform edits to the images for totally free. Without any extra cost. Also, there are more edits that can be applied for the Pixellab. The texts have much more specific features. Add more styled texts, add 3D shapes and other things. So the interface of the app lets you easily organize all things. There are more updates introduced with the latest version of the Pixel Lab. To enjoy such features, download the latest version of the Pixel Lab. That is 1.9.8. And even it is only about a 27 MB sized app. 

Text features of the Pixel Lab 

  • Texts 

 Here there are more styles that can be added to the texts. More colors and styles are on the list. Also, you can customize all texts to the way that you wanted to experience with the app. So even make your text more customized in a suitable way with the objects or else the images.

  • 3D texts by Pixel Lab 

 It is a very specific feature that is contained here. So create your own 3D texts. Those texts can be overlayed in the images. Make your creation much more unique by creating the Pixellab for the creative task. 

  • More text effects 

The Pixellab is a vast library of the text effects here in the app. Also, there are many more text effects included here. Some of those effects are reflection, shadow, mask, and emboss. 

  • Unlimited text colors 

There are many more colors that can be used for all texts. Use a simple color as well as radial-gradient included here. Use all of those effects while using Pixellab. 

  • Fonts 

There are above 100 of the font styles included in the Pixellab. Use your own fonts here. And also if you want to experience many more 3D stickers here in this Pixellab. So you can select whatever the stickers that you wanted in here. There are more types of emojis, stickers and as well as the shapes in here. 

Pixel Lab

Images features in Pixel Lab

  • Import the images here 

 Also, you can use any images that are included in the gallery of the device. So import all those photos to the Pixellab now. Use your own images to make your own creation. 

  • Draw anything 

 Pick up a pencil. Access the size of the pen as well as select a certain color to draw anything on the images. Access the drawings in here. Resize the drawings as well as rotate or else redesign any drawings that you wanted. 

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More facts and features about the PixelLab android app

  • Change the background 

The background can be changed by replacing the image with the background. So the users are able to change the images on at any time. And change the colors in the background. And if you want to remove the existing background, the creator is allowed to do that. Therefore remove the unwanted background from the tools that exist in the Pixellab. 

  • The perspective can be changed 

The perspective of the image can be changed by using the Pixel Lab. Wrap the images. Also, replace more tools like the contents and texts in the Pixellab.

  • Multiple effects 

There are many more effects included here. To apply most of the existing effects on the library. All are most of the specific features contained here. 

  • Popularity 

Due to the all-exclusive features contained here over 10,000,000 individuals have gathered over the app. So if you haven’t joined it, this is the perfect time for it. 

  • In-app purchases 

Also, almost all features couldn’t be used without any charge. For that, the users have to pay about 2$ per item. PIxel lab

What’s new with the latest version of the Pixel Lab? 

  • The bugs have fixed.
  • There is more improvement in apps speed.
  • The update of the appeal.

They all stated description well explains the facts about the Pixellab. So if you assume that the above is really useful just start the usage of the app now onwards. 

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